Plastics Ukraine is a major distributor of materials for the modern advertising industry, digital printing, decorative facade and interior design, industry, construction, and packaging Plastics Ukraine is a major distributor of materials for the modern advertising industry
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Коекструзійний ПП спінений лист - ЦІНА ЗНИЖЕНА!!!

Коекструзійний ПП спінений лист - ЦІНА ЗНИЖЕНА!!!

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About Plastics

«Plastics-Ukraine history is based on professional achievements and complex approach to business. This way started in 2008 by two Ukrainian merging companies - "Svit Reklamy" and "Tuplex-Ukraine". Both were well-known as reliable and responsible suppliers, prevailing at the Ukrainian market since the middle of 1990.

The merging purpose was providing our clients with the best in-time services to meet all their requirements. All human and material resources were pooled to gain it, including our logistic possibilities towards our consumers (clients).

Following our way up from formation to prosperity we find and offer our customers the newest solutions, products and technologies. Plastics-Ukraine is considered to be the long-term reliable partner for global leading polymeric materials manufacturers.

Each our working day is devoted to offer the best quality and maximum attention for all our clients».

 Co-founder and General Director   Ireneusz Derek

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Plastics-Ukraine is the biggest materials distributor for modern VisCom sphere, digital printing industry, building decorations and interior designs, for industrial, construction and packaging markets.

Our company joins the largest Central-East European "Plastics" group with companies placed in Poland, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

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